Born in Kolkata, India in 1945 in an academic literary family and brought up under the inspiration of his father Debabrata Rej. Developed interests in literature,  philosophy and science and experienced the existence of a mystic world since childhood.  The unknown world beyond knowledge and common experiences became the source of his artistic activities. Studied science and received Ph.D. in theoretical Nuclear Physics in 1971 from the University of Calcutta and moved to Oslo in the same year. Since then he has lived in many countries in the world including Switzerland, Germany, US, South Korea, Thailand and Bangladesh. He is married to Ragne Birte Lund who has served as Norwegian Ambassador to S.Korea, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Bangladesh. With his wife he has established a foundation ”Ånun Lund Rej Foundation” in 1992 in memory of their son Ånun, a highly gifted child, who was bereaved of life in an accident on the Alps near Geneva at the age of ten. Besides Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics he has worked in cosmology and Astrophysics. Apart from physics he has delved in activities in many other areas.  His main works include books and writings about existential issues, mysticism and enlightened social-political order.  He has also produced artworks in the form of paintings, sculptures as well as written songs and composed music.  All his works bear the originality of a mind oriented towards cosmos and God. This site gives information about his books, writings, music, artworks and his social-political thoughts.


Life lived among different people and cultures of  the world while exploring the inner universe of the mind and the outer universe of the physical cosmos

Anup Rej, Aruna Rej, Debabrata Rej and Ragne Birte Lund, Manicktala, Calcutta, 1974

Anup Rej, Ånun Lund Rej and Ragne Birte Lund, Sagveien, Trollåsen, Oppegård. 1989

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